One-Word New Year’s Resolution

Happy New Year!

So, it’s January. Again? So soon?

I’m becoming one of those people who exclaims frequently, “I can’t believe it’s January!” or “I can’t believe it’s 2012!” or “I can’t believe the Kardashians’ 15 minutes aren’t up yet!” (That last one isn’t totally relevant but still true.)

new years resolutions

I don’t generally do New Year’s resolutions because I make too many to-do lists as it is, and Lord knows I don’t want one full of terrible items like “go running more” and “do my taxes before 10 p.m. on April 14.” That’s really a buzzkill way to start a new year. And I hate running.

I did successfully make a few (well, two: get scuba certified and host more dinner parties) resolutions in 2010 by following three rules:

1. They must be fun.
2. They must be flexible.
3. They must not inspire guilt.

I liked those guidelines because they made me choose goals that I was actually excited about, not resolutions that I shamed myself into picking.

This year, I’m trying something different: a one-word New Year’s resolution. A few friends have told me about this idea, and I love it. Instead of writing a laundry list of tasks I want to accomplish (and may resent by February), I am selecting one word to be my theme for the next year. I hope it will help me stay focused on what my priorities are and be a positive, gentle reminder when I get off track.

My word is for 2012 is: Grow.

I would like to grow in:

  • My personal relationships
  • My work
  • My travel experiences
  • My foreign language skills
  • My culinary endeavors
  • My reading
  • My support for causes I care about

Just to clarify, I would not like to grow in:

  • My waistline
  • My road rage
  • My Veruca Salt-like impatience

What’s your word for 2012?


1 Ide { 01.09.12 at 4:39 pm }

My word is for 2012 is: Joy. I’m working to remind myself that there is joy in the everyday, and that the simplest lives are often the happiest. Striving for more cooking, gardening, strolling, dancing, singing and laughing in 2012.

2 Gillian { 01.09.12 at 4:49 pm }

I love it, Ide. Finding joy in the simple things is a great way to live. I hope we have lots of time to cook, dance and laugh together in 2012, my love.

3 dk { 01.19.12 at 8:54 am }

Hey Gil!
Cool post, but you should give running a try. I just saw an episode of “My Strange Addiction” (don’t judge my dirty little secrets) in which they were showcasing a man who was addicted to running! Twenty miles a day.
So my word for the year will be Process. Yes, both noun and verb form–you got to get your money’s worth with your challenges.
I have always told people to “Trust the process”. Life, school, work, it does not matter. Now I will listen to myself and do the same. It helps to dissolve my impatience and bridle my excitement so as not to make hasty decisions–especially the big ones.
Along the same lines, telling myself to process more, well, that is very abstract indeed, but procuring a food processor will help in one arena, for sure. Though I want to liken it more to reading critically-er and listening closely-er, receiving my inputs better-er.
Thanks for the piece and for making me think this morning :)


4 Gillian { 01.26.12 at 8:16 am }

Haha, “My Strange Addiction.” It’s cool, I have no room to judge other people’s shows. I’ve given running more than enough chances, DK, and it sucks my will to live. It’s the WORST. I prefer swimming, so I want to get back into doing laps.

Process – love it. So trixy picking a word that is a noun and a verb. That’s an excellent one. Good luck and thanks!

5 Melia { 02.12.12 at 1:39 pm }

Clearly, I’m behind on my blog reading! Yet another reason to clean up my Google Reader….

Love this. My word for 2012 is “Action.” When I get stuck in my head, as I tend to do, I want my word to snap me back to the present and do something instead of ruminating. This doesn’t mean that I need to be taking action all the time (lately, I’ve gotten pretty good at vegging), but when I get “analysis paralysis” I want a way to propel myself forward.

6 Gillian { 02.13.12 at 3:24 am }

I know, I feel the same way! I feel like I need to purge my Google Reader to start fresh with blogs I want to keep up with all the time.

Love “Action.” That’s an excellent reminder to do something, even something little, to keep moving forward. (But vegging is also wonderful — you don’t have to be productive all the time, as I try to remind myself.)

7 kalyani { 05.06.12 at 7:46 am }


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